duminică, 22 ianuarie 2017

Fire at night.

When at night, I feel so desperately alone
I start to believe that I constantly hone
My character, my mind and my persona
It's just me and I do what  I wanna.

But at night, when the light goes out,
I sincerely think that without a doubt,
I slowly lose my mind and my perception,
And that's why I slowly do a correction.

Correct my attitude and my personality
Because in this world there's no need for duality,
I can be who I am, but I can't be what I want
Because then I can't pretend I'm just a runt.

My mind is messed up and my view is foggy,
I wish that I could turn into a little doggy,
Bark for food or cry for attention,
Because your mind is your biggest detention.

In the prison of my mind, I warmingly reveal
All that you people make me feel for real.

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