duminică, 22 ianuarie 2017

Fire at night.

When at night, I feel so desperately alone
I start to believe that I constantly hone
My character, my mind and my persona
It's just me and I do what  I wanna.

But at night, when the light goes out,
I sincerely think that without a doubt,
I slowly lose my mind and my perception,
And that's why I slowly do a correction.

Correct my attitude and my personality
Because in this world there's no need for duality,
I can be who I am, but I can't be what I want
Because then I can't pretend I'm just a runt.

My mind is messed up and my view is foggy,
I wish that I could turn into a little doggy,
Bark for food or cry for attention,
Because your mind is your biggest detention.

In the prison of my mind, I warmingly reveal
All that you people make me feel for real.

luni, 2 ianuarie 2017


Ok, hai sa clarificam o chestie: asta nu e o poveste
In care totul e frumos, hi hi, ha ha, iar eu trec peste,
Nu, asta e o critica acuta a unei minti instabile
Aflata printre persoane cu conexiuni fragile.
Si da, poate cateodata sunt mai necizelat,
Insa sunt educat, cultivat si calculat.

Calculez cu raceala daca sa mai caut apropiere,
Chiar daca la fiecare inventar am fost dat la scadere.
Si e un lucru ciudat, atunci cand ofer tot gratis si garantat,
Sa fiu aruncat intr-un colt al mintii, poate chiar uitat.
Oboseala isi spune cuvantul, iar printre palcurile de ceata din fata ochilor mei,
Vad peste doar cifra 3. 
3..3... 3 ... 3:00... 3:01. AM.