marți, 10 decembrie 2013

About love

I'm singing with your face in mind
I'm laughing at the world, it's too kind;
When I'm with you, nothing can hurt me
I don't get mad, I let it be.

But when I'm without you, I'm fine
I still think that the world is mine
I'm happy with you, but it's okay if you're not there
I mean that whatever you mean to me, I just don't care.

I mean I love you, but I could live without you
You make my world prettier, but there are a few
That do the same; that's why you're not my world
You're my love, but I'm still me, carefree and cold.

I could say that I'd die if you aren't by my side
But I won't, and that's true, I still haven't lied..
You either love me as well, or you can go away
I don't care about us specifically, I'm fine either way.

sâmbătă, 7 decembrie 2013


How much more you want me to bleed?
How many demons you'll make me feed?
How dead you want me to be?
How, and why, do you hate me?

Why, through so many dark nights, you slipped in my head?
Why did I think that you were the monster under my bed?
Why didn't you believe me when I told you I want you gone?
Why did you laugh after you left me there, after you were done?

When you'll just disappear for good, this time?
When will you understand that I have no crime?
When was the last time you even felt human if ever?
When will I be free of you, forget you forever?

You've shot so many rounds at me that you have no more
Now, you just blindly and quietly walk out the door
You believe that I'll never retaliate, that you're in the clear...
Let me explain: you're not and I will hurt you, my dear.