miercuri, 3 iulie 2013


I'm the stranger, I'm the unknown, the limitless
The one that haunts your nightmares, night after night..
The one that is already there, unseen and fearless
I'm the only one that haunts, only I have the right...

I shake your hand, I see your intention, your mask..
You shake mine, you don't see shit, you're blind..
And how come there is such a difference, you ask?
Because I'm cruel and manipulative as I am kind.

I'm a bundle of contradictions, even I don't know myself
I can tell a lie straight-faced and I might even believe it..
You see shit, hear shit, you're dumb, kill yourself..
You don't see the truth, unless I decide to reveal it.

Beware of the stranger, of any stranger like me
Always wear your mask, never reveal your true face..
Friend or enemy, he can hurt you, doesn't matter who it might be..
So join us, join the strangers, join the killer race.